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Eco Property: "Doing Well by Building Green"

About The Show

Eco Property: "Doing Well by Building Green" provides an insider's look into home energy renovations with a mission to get our clients a return on their investment.

We would like to issue an open challenge to America, which the masses will accept. We have an exciting show where we take a house, and convert it into an Eco/ Green property, and not only is it beautiful, the homeowner loves it because they save money.

Eco Property is designed to be a 13 episode series for a cable network. Our team consists of Ryan Rex, who will operate as the General Contractor/ Host, an Architect, an Energy Engineer, and sub-contractors. Local subcontractors would be utilized at each location to support economic growth, and environmental awareness in the area.

Promotional consideration from advertisers would come in the form of traditional funding sources or products donated to offset the project cost for the homeowner. Possible advertisers would be construction suppliers, equipment manufacturers, and innovative start-up companies looking for an edge in the market.

About The Creator

My name is Ryan Rex. I'm an expert contractor, and have firmly established myself in the Green Industry. My work has been showcased in various trade publications and websites. What I do is take properties, and convert them into Eco/ Green properties, and save people money.

By trade, I'm a licensed contractor and energy manager, and have spent the last twenty years learning the industry. My core training comes from an old school family business, where I became a fourth generation plumber, and expert HVAC contractor. I've devoted my career to saving energy, while improving the personal climate for people all over the US.

My goal is to have a home renovation reality show that can issue a clear challenge to America, where we take any house, and convert it into an Eco/ Green property, and not only is it beautiful, the homeowner loves it because they save money.


"Wow. What a great concept for Reality TV. What's better than an expert like Ryan helping you turn your house or business into an efficient Eco-friendly/ Green property, and saving you money at the same time. It's a winner!"
- Lloyd Z. Remick, Esq.

"Ryan is a leader in this field. After working alongside of him, I realized that he's not just doing this for himself. He created Eco Property as a genuine means to help people change their lives."
- Mac Butler, Actor

"The video and sound quality are superb, and Ryan is a gracious host."
- Dan Holohan, Author

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